BionX PL350HT L
Packed full of power

A part of the BionX Power series, the PL350HT L is a great option whether you’re a commuter or a social rider who’s simply looking for extended range.

The unit features a powerful battery, which feeds a light-weight, but fast-accelerating motor located in the rear hub of the rear wheel. Available in a range of wheel sizes (from 20-28″) the system can be fitted to your new or existing bike to provide power when you need it most.

You’ll be able to control all aspects of the system without taking your hands of the handlebars. A crystal-clear LCD screen will show you everything from battery charge level to your current assist level. It also provides useful information like your current and average speed, as well as total distance.

The PL350HT L’s battery is designed to mount on the frame of your bicycle. It also includes a unique  ‘regenerative mode’, which charges the battery while also acting as a brake, potentially saving brake wear on long descents. And if you’re keen to improve your fitness: the regenerative mode also acts as a training tool, providing resistance when pedalling.

If you would prefer a battery pack designed to mount beneath a rear rack but featuring the same light-weight power, you should consider the PL350HT RR L.